iConnectivity is a Canadian developer of hardware for musicians that add mobile devices and computers to their toolset, and is changing the way musicians wire their gear through network connectivity capabilities. 



The iConnectAUDIO2+ features two high-quality mic preamps on XLR connectors with line level and Hi-Z jacks in the center. The 6 configurable (4 balanced, 1 stereo headphone) outputs have your studio mix or live setup needs covered. There's MIDI in/out and 24 bit/96 kHz hi-end A/D/A conversion. Instead of getting in your way, the iConnectAUDIO2+ adapts to the way you create music. Bring it with you to the stage or club, record with it live, use it in your studio. Leave your power supply at home – it's bus powered and it's built like a tank. It sounds great, and it's highly affordable.

Who only has one computer these days? iConnectAUDIO2+ harnesses the power of two - at the same time. You can stream audio and/or MIDI from one computer to another, even if one is a Mac and the other a PC, all in perfect sync. Got an iPad or iPhone? No problem. The iConnectAUDIO2+ brings your iOS device and hence the ever growing plethora of music Apps into your workflow. Need specific routings? Just use the software patchbay and everyone's talking audio and MIDI, right when and where you want them to.




The Mio10 is more than just a MIDI interface. For starters, it has 10 5-pin MIDI I/O ports so even large hardware setups can be accomodated with room to spare. The USB Host Port supports a USB MIDI Class-Compliant device, and yes, you can add a powered USB hub and connect up to ten USB/MIDI devices. The Mio10 can be connected to up to two computers at the same time, or it can be used completely stand-alone. It's USB MIDI Class-Compliant, so there's no drivers to worry about.

But the Mio10 doesn't stop there. It can connect to an Ethernet Network and stream MIDI anywhere on up to 56 ports. That's a whopping 896 MIDI channels! And as soon as it's connected to the network, even wireless streaming of MIDI data becomes an option. The configuration software (free download for Mac/PC) makes it simple to create and save routing, merging, and filtering presets. One can be stored on the device and remembered when you power up.