By combining the savoir-faire of French engineers with the most efficient Asian factories in the business, Prodipe has managed to create a range of quality products that rival those of the bigger boys on the market at an unbeatable price point.


Pro5 V3


The Pro5 has been in constant development since its inception, and is now available in its third incarnation. The woofer cones are now made of fibreglass, which means a significant increase in performance and dynamism, a more linear frequency response and a wonderfully natural image. The neodymium dome tweeters create solid and extremely clear highs with very low distortion, even above 20 kHz.

The transducer magnets are shielded by anodised steel covers to avoid any induction. The active filtering system has been completely overhauled to ensure that the crossover frequency doesn't suffer from any artifacts or bumps. The casing is made of high density wood to give the sound a high level of consistency and to eliminate any unwanted vibration. The decision to put the bass reflex port at the front of the monitors was made to improve decompression in the bass response. This makes it much easier to find the best position in the room for each speaker.

XLR and TRS Jacks for a balanced connection and Cinch (RCA) for unbalanced connection are available. The Pro5 V3 represents a compact, elegant design with a well-finished exterior which produces a very linear and trustworthy image, especially considering it's price point.





There's no beating around the bush. This is a cheap microphone. So what's so special about it? In the words of Prodipe's chief sound engineer, Ludovic Lanen:

"This is a well balanced mic with a high output level. It is perfect for singers who want the highest standards, as well as conference speakers, presenters and entertainers who want a true reproduction of their voice.

The close partnership with our Asian factory enabled me to develop the completely new TT1 and I can absolutely guarantee its performance. Prices really don't mean anything anymore; of the hundred cartridges that I was offered to look at, many of the more expensive were not as good or as efficient as the one I selected and prepared for you.

For the last 30 years I have always put more trust in my ears than in the price and with this new product I can once again offer you excellence at a never before seen price."